Corrugated Roofing Prices

If you are not prepared, when you get your corrugated metal roofing estimate, you might be blown away. That's because the price of this type of roofing is significantly more expensive than that of asphalt roofing and many other traditional roofing options. However, when you begin to weigh some of the factors that are involved in the cost, you'll find that even with a fantastic warranty on a traditional roof, your corrugated metal roof has a chance at outlasting the traditional roof by more than 80 years. With the peace of mind that's involved with this type of durability, metal roofing may end up being a lifetime decision that makes good financial sense.

When compared to a multilayered, ordinary metal roof, you'll still be getting more for your money because of the additional strength and extra material that comes from the shape of the corrugation. In any case, if you're considering alternatives, it is advised that you only compare roofing systems that are almost identical. This is because there can be a vast difference between prices when comparing seam roofs, or flat-lock roofs, or other metal roofs to corrugated metal roofs. The quality of the warranty should also be considered when comparing prices. Better warranties are often higher not only because better material is used, but because replacement costs of the roof may be included in the cost.